Instagram fashion post is always eye catching. The post can easily get thousand likes within few second of uploading.

Fashion influencers create the post with their very sharp fashion sense, good posting, photographing skill and editing skill. All these can be learn from the fashion influencer if you want to have a great Instagram post.

1. Danielle Bernstein


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She is a fashion student in New York City, graduated and started her fashion career. She marketing her own clothing products through her Instagram page. Now her Instagram account has around 2.3 million followers.

2.Julia Engel

Julia is a fashion influencer based in Charleston.


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She often participates with fashion brands like Coach, Gap and Tory Burch. Her post in Instagram always attract people to see. Now she has a baby boy, she and her baby boy photos are her recent post. Although she already a mom of a kid, she is still active and passion in fashion industry, this shows that all mothers can stay fashion even after you have kids!

3. Chiara Ferragni


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Most of intagrammer would know her, she is the founder of chiaraferrangicollection and her instagram account has 18.3m followers!

She often attend New York fashion show, be the cover girl of Vogue magazine for over 3 times, collabs with highstreet brand like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior and others huge brand you can name.

4. Aimee Song

Aimee Song is a Korean living in New York. Her fashion styling has her personality style inspiration. She also has her own fashion clothing line and always do crossover with fashion brands.

She was a blogger that write post about interior design, yet she found that her styling post on her blog got more attentions, so she decided to change her direction to fashion blogging. While she still writing interior design from time to time as a balance of her passionate.

5. Jenn Im

She is also another Korean that born in US. Her style is slightly different from other influencer, where she has more cute style in her fashion post. She started her creator job from YouTube, and now her instagram has millions followers too.

She also always share her wearing style about petite on her instagram, as she is also petite in size.