Fuller and plumper lips becoming one of the beauty benchmark nowadays. There are many methods to get a plumper lips, like using lip gloss, over lip makeup, lip filler injection, Lips Suction device and so on. More and more people are getting lip injection for bigger lips. This is because lips injection is common, affordable and convenient, but there are things need to be considered before getting lips injection.

Type of Lip Injection

There are permanent, semi-permanent and temporary lip injection. Some might be thought that permanent is more worth, as they do not need to do any maintenance afterwards. But, if the result of lip injection is not as expected, extraction need to be done to fix it, and it might cost higher price and hurt the lips. Thus, temporary will be the option to go.

Ingredient For Lip Filler

Most of the temporary lip filler is using hyaluronic acid (HA). The reason of preferred using HA is because it can create more natural lips. Some will use HA for chin, jaw, cheeks injection.  HA is actually a sugar derivative that is similar component in our body, it can hold 1000 times water in body, thus it is hydrating your lips to make it looked plumper, and it dissolve in body over time.

Temporary Type Lip Injection Time Frame

So how long the temporary lip filler gonna last ? Welp, it depends on how your body reacts to the filler. As it is an “alive” ingredients, which body is reactive to it, if you having higher metabolism then probably will dissolve the filler faster, and thus shorter time frame. However, you can expect that it will at least last at least 6 months, and longer might last up to 3 years. Some top up the filler after few months with lesser amount to refill the lips, and to make it last longer.

Price Of Lips Injection

This concerns most of us, we want to look great but do not want to break our bank at the same time. The cost range of lip injection is $500 – $2000. The range gap is huge because of different type of filler used, different consultation charge, the place of getting injection, and so on. Most important is choosing the clinic that are safe, do not risk yourself for cheaper price.

The Risks Of Getting Lip Injection

Lip injection procedure is pretty quick, it only takes around 20-30 minutes to be completed. Although it seems quick and simple, but every injection carry risks like infection, rejection, distortion and so on. The more dangerous is vascular occlusion which is blood vessel blockage and can cause tissues death, although this kind of situation happens rarely.