The Power of Makeup

Makeup might not stick on your face 24 hours, but it can transform you the moment you need it to. The transformation is so magical, one can turns from fresh faced to gothic looks, carnival colors to date-night ready. Besides, aging problems on face can be all covered with makeup, one can’t even tell the approximate age by wearing a transformation makeup.

Can you recognize her as the same person before and after makeup?

makeup transformation

Transformed into sexy towel look with emphasizing on her lips and eye makeup.

Age is just a number when makeup can transform you.


Tips of Transformation Makeup

Transformation might seems hard for makeup beginners, but once you get these tips, transformation can be  effortless.

Light and contouring is the key to to modify once’s face structure. By using contour and highlight, enlarging eye, higher nose, plumber cheeks, sharper face, better lips shape and even slimmer neck can be achieved. The area that you wish to looks smaller, apply contour on it, while the area you wish to enlarging, apply highlighter gradient. The color of contour have to be match on your skin color and skin tone to create clean and neat makeup.

For ladies that have skin problems like acne, big pores, spots and so on, you are recommended to conceal well before contour and highlight. The concept is simple, make you face to become a white paper before sketching on it. So cover all the impurities on your face and make the  later on makeup more perfect.

Brow shape can have big impact on the face, the shape, color and thickness all are accountable to make different. As most of the ladies having brow shape that are not suitable to the face structure, they need to understand what kind of brow shape looks better on them and what look they are trying to achieve.

Sounds difficult ? No worry, you can always get makeup artist help for the advice, then you can start learning from there.

Few tutorial videos are useful on demo how to transform too:

Everyone Can be Hollywood Star

Skin problem, but don’t lose your confidence! Just learn how to get it back.



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