Transform the brow can be hard, especially to balance brow shape on the both sides. Brows position and shapes on both side are not identical, they are like “sister” instead of identical “twins”, so don’t force yourself to make them 100% exactly same, just ensure they are not different too far.

Follow these steps to create gorgeous brow, this post also provide you easy hacks to create balance brows without much effort needed.

Brushing your brow upwards before drawing the brows, to make your brows hair in place. Then Use a thin angle brush, to sketch the outline of the brow shape. Make sure the brush is super thin to sketch the outline.

Dip on brow gel and start to sketch the shape from middle to the end of brow. The direction of sketching should 45 degree downwards which is following the direction of the brow hair. With this method, your brow will looks very natural. To draw brow faster, use tinted brow gel, this can helps you to have natural brow shape and color with lower risk of failure.

After that fill up with the brow powder, darker shade on the end and lighter shade on the beginning, gradient shade of brow will soften the overall brow shape, not over edge.

Product Used in this tutorial

Benefit Ka-Brow brow gel in shade 3:


Benefit Gimme Brow in shade 3:


The Balm Furrowcious brow pencil in Light Brown:


Brush – Zoeva 317:


These are the favorite product to draw the brows, it is easy to apply and blend out, also long lasting for whole day without smudging. The color of brows should opt for the color that are nearer to your hair color. If you have bronze color hair, choose the nearer shades like light brown or ash brown brow products for drawing your brow.