Smokey Eye existed as far back as Ancient Egypt time. As you can see there are many antique paintings have the drawing of men and women with smokey makeup look and emphasizing on heavy eyeliners. Studies show that ancient Egyptian use this smokey dark eye makeup to protect their eye from strong sunlight, but some studies stated that it is to ward off evil spirit.

Anyway, alluring smokey eye makeup has been famous since 90’s to current fashion.

Smokey Eye Hallmarks

So how smokey eye should looks like ?

The smokey eye makeup should not having clear demarcation, the shades of eye shadow should blend well and not showing defined separation line between one shade and another. This is to create the smudge kind of look, which to represent someone always turns up late, ain’t have more time for makeup and a rule-less of personality.

The color of smokey eye doesn’t have to be black, it can be darker shades like navy, gray or eve burgundy. As long as it shows that the eye makeup is emphasized and without any define line between shades.

Smokey Eye for Asian

Smokey eye is for EVERYONE! It suits all women on this world, what you need is some modification based on your eye shape. Asian eye’s  shape has slightly different from Western’s eye.

First, identify what your eye shape, then a black pencil is all what you need ! Start sketch the shape of smokey eye look you wish, for example more on underneath for more allured look, or more on inner corner for sharpen the eye shape, or sketching upright to have cat eye look and so on. After you have done with sketching shape, then use eye shadow with the color shade you want and filling up the the frame.

While doing this, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect! It should looks like no rule during applying. Lastly you can tab on some shimmer shadow on the eye lid to create texture, so it won’t turns out too matte and subtle.