Having a bad hair day is very frustrating, especially running out of time in the morning. No matter how good is your makeup or how good looking your outfit is, bad hair can destroy everything!
Don’t ruin your day with bad hair, get this easy hair hacks within 1 minute 😉


1. Fast Way to Curl Hair
After done shower, tied up hair in braided hair and wait it for dry, then you will have a natural waves hairstyle. If you wish to look more curly, do tiny braids.
(image source from Youtube)
(image source from Youtube)
2. Remove Greasy Hair with Baby Powder
Having greasy hair and no time to wash causing hair to look less volume. Hack is to use baby powder put on top on the hair, separated into few part of hair, massage evenly onto hair and use hair dryer to blow away the excessive residue of powder. This will remove the oil on hair and giving your hair more volume.
Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 9.57.23 PM.png
(image source from Youtube)
3. Quick Hair Bun with Sock
Yes, this is very mind blowing way to make hair bun. Get a CLEAN sock, cut on the bottom
Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 10.06.00 PM.png
(image source from Youtube)
Roll up to make a donut shape.
Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 10.06.19 PM.png (image source from Youtube)
Tie up your hair into pony tail, and roll the sock into hair.
Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 10.06.48 PM.png (image source from Youtube)
Fix hair with rubber band. Your bun will definitely looked better without sock.
Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 10.07.04 PM.png(image source from Youtube)