Sensitive skin need to be taken well to avoid worsen the fragile skin. Sensitive need special facial skincare routine and skincare treatment, by using the right way, strength of skin and skin barrier can be improved.

1. Remove your make-up the gentle way

Sensitive skin need to remove makeup with very gentle makeup removal products. Choose skincare products that are dermatological approved. Use cotton pad fully soak with makeup removal, gently remove and do not rub hardly on skin. If the pressure on skin is high, sensitive skin will turns red and peeling will happens. Recommend to use watery makeup removal but not oily type. Oil type makeup removal might have ingredients that clog pores. Also, make sure makeup removal do not contains fragrance and alcohol.

2. Cleanse your with bubble

Cleansing face procedure is rushing, but please make it slow and details. This is very important in sensitive skin care routine. Thus, take time to make bubble out from your cleanser, bubbles can help to clean pore without need to rub on face. Just gently slide through on skin, the bubbles can bring away impurities in pores without hurt the skin further. Choose cleanser that are gel type instead of cream or other type that will make your skin dry. Sensitive skin care product need to be hydrating and having calming ingredients.

3. Lower Skin Temperature and Reduce Redness

Sensitive skin mostly will have higher temperature on skin, and thus making the face looked red. Sensitive skin irritates or itchy is causing by the harmful or artificial ingredients. Use natural skin care product, or homemade skincare that will boost skin barrier. Also pick skincare that are anti-inflammation, avoid product that can help blood circulation, it will make sensitive skin worst.

4. Hydrate Skin and Lock Moisture

Sensitive skin need protecting against environmental factors like pollution. Choose skincare natural that’s non-comedogenic which do not causing pores clogged. Apply with cotton pad and mask so that bacteria on hand not transferring to face. The best moisturizers for sensitive skin will lock moisture, so make sure the skin care product help to lock moisture, else skin will dry up very fast. Create homemade moisturizing mask to boost hydration.