Recently the Corona Virus mess has been affecting all of us. Wear mask to protect yourself is important.

When wearing mask every lady might have concern on their makeup will carry away by the mask especially blusher and lips color

Fix Makeup With Spray Or Powder

After complete your makeup, spray the whole face with makeup fixing spray and wait it for dry. The makeup fixing ingredient will act as a extra protection layer to avoid makeup to fall off easily.

To enhance the makeup stay on skin, after the fixing spray, pad some powder on the area that has direct contact to mask. So that when you take away the mask, powder will stain on it instead of your foundation.

Use Matte Foundation Instead of Glowing Foundation

As we know glow effect foundation is more moisture than matte type. Thus it is easier to melt off and stain on mask. Choose matte type foundation or powder foundation.

Use Lipstain instead of Lipgloss

Lip color fade away when wearing mask is so common. To avoid this, use lipstain instead of lipgloss or lipstick. After applying lipstain, use a clean tissue paper to dab away residue.

Another tips if you only have lipstick with you, after apply lipstick, use translucent powder cover on top of your lip colour. It can protect your lipcolor transfer to mask.