Makeup stuffs consist of variety types, variety shapes and more variety are still launching in the market to attract consumer buying. The variety can be good in buying but not in organizing.

Organize different types of makeup items is a disaster, grouping up all different types of makeup stuffs is challenging due to the sizes and shapes. Other than grouping, the thing need to put into consideration is how frequent you need the items, if you keep in a place hard to reach, then you might need to keep re-organizing. This post will gives you the tips and ideas on how to organize your makeup stuff more efficient and suitable to your own usage.

Wall Mounted Hanger Makeup Organizer

Mount hanger on wall can helps to save the makeup table space. Items can be separated into buckets based on the size. Small eye shadow can put on smaller bucket

while the larger size makeup items can put in bigger buckets. All buckets can stick a tag what makeup stuff inside the bucket.

Serving Tray Makeup Organizer

This makeup organizer can turning 360 degree, you can find makeup items easier and faster. Makeup items can be separated into different layers, for example eye makeup products on the top, face makeup products on the middle layer and so on.


The Transparent Makeup Organizer

See through makeup organizer is a great invention. Often we need to turn everything upside down to find one small lipstick. This is not practical for makeup enthusiastic who having hundreds of lipstick. Keep everything in transparency makeup organizer and makeup drawer is life savior. Everything is like a menu to go through before you “order” something. It is so convenient and you really need one!



Magnet Board Makeup Organizer

There is a way to create own palette by combining single color eye shadows and blusher into one palette by using magnet to stick them into a empty palette. This is a great way to use in organizing makeup stuff too! Simply stick magnet on your foundations, eye shadows, blusher, and etc, then get a board or rack that is iron material. Then you are free to move and organize your makeup items any places.



IKEA Holes Board Makeup Organizer

Most of people already having this holes board mounted on all for different purpose. You can actually use it for organizing makeup product. The bucket and container comes in different size, some is transparent which is good to organize.