Idea makeup for Purple Eye

Purple eye makeup is for special occasions, this is the best makeup for eye catching!

The glitters in center make your eye pop up and more vibrant.

If you are worrying the purple are over doing in your eye,  apply purple color eyeshadow on lower eye. You can use purple makeup liners and draw from inner corner to outer eye corner.

and if you are going to party you need to SHINE as much as you can, just make it a purple-ish eye makeup! Use the best purple eye shadow makeup palette you have mix and match the same shades and tones.

pink shade in makeup palette can be used as base color, add on purple and top up with glitter. This purple makeup palette is so beautiful, you can make burgundy eye makeup, purple eye makeup, wine eye makeup and so on.

people who like special makeup can also draw the purple eye shadow on the lips. The makeup tip for whole face purple makeup is using the same makeup palette, so the shades is in same range. Another tips for makeup is blending out well, so the color is looking nice on eye!