Have you ever tried a an eye makeup that are trendy these years like cat eye look or a smokey eye look but it doesn’t look as good as you expected it to? But it looks good on your friends, just so effortless for them to create the look !


Wondering Why?

This not caused by your makeup stuffs or your skill on applying, you can use the exact same makeup kits as your friends are using, or you can even get your friend’s help to ‘copy paste’ the eye makeup on you, yet the outcome will be always same. Why this happens? The answer is simple, it is actually because of your eye shape not suitable!

There is no one person’s eye suitable to ALL makeup, for example the cat eye look might looks good on her but not on you, in the opposite, the smokey is good on you but not her (sounds fair?).

So How We Choose The Right Eye Makeup?

Just like how we choose our outfit colours according to our body shape, First understand your eye shape and so you can create an eye look that able to enhance your overall look instead of making your look worst than not putting makeup.

There are various eye shapes such as protruding eyes, hooded eyes, deep set eyes, close set eyes, monolids, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, wide set eyes, round eyes, and so on. All these different eye shapes as knowing your eye shape is the key to flawless eye makeup!