Have you ever wondered why your makeup always seems incomplete compared to others ?

The answer is because you missed the steps of contouring. Without contour and highlight, the makeup would be less sculpting and makeup can be look boring.

Most of you might try contour on face but looks dirty at the end, or some of you might confuse on the area to contour and highlight, how large the area on face should be contoured, etc… This post will teach you step by step on contouring and tips to avoid looking dirty and messy.

STEP 1: First you need to have a contour palette, the shade of contour must be 2 to 3 shades darker than your foundation shade. Or you can get the contour that can mix to match your shade.

Tips: get a cool tone contour instead of warm tone, because cool tone will look more natural on the skin, warm tone contour will make it look dirty.

Tips: if you have dry skin, go for cream or stick type contouring product instead of powder to avoid cracked on the face.


STEP 2: Define the area to contour. The place you want to look smaller is the area to contour. If you have high forehead, contour the area between hair line and face. To sharpen face shape, contour under cheek area, where just below your blusher. Then is nose and chin area.

Tips: Blend from outer to inner, to create gradient contour and natural look. Do not blend like blusher, this way will ruin your makeup.

Tips: Use the contouring brush that the size is not larger than the contour area. The shape of brush with curve can make contouring easier and faster.


STEP 3: Highlight the area you have contour, meaning that highlight next to the contouring area. With this the contouring will look more vibrant.

Tips: Avoid using highlight that has large sparkling. Choose the highlighter color like rose gold or warm color.