Either you are a Coffee person or a Tea person. If you are people drink Tea daily you might already get the benefits from drinking tea. If you are not, probably you need to try out these tea that can helps to radiant your skin and boost your immune system!

Tea consists of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory elements that are good to promote skin healthy. There are many types of tea leaf, you can mix and match the different tea type and get different effect from it.

1.  Dandelions Tea

Some people use dandelions to make the salads, it contains a lot of nutrients that helps to enhance digestive system. If your skin problem is causing by weak digestion, then by solving the digestive system your skin eventually get better. The detoxify element in Dandelions tea can helps to boost liver system, liver is the organ for overall body detoxify, thus healthy liver healthy skin. If you have liver problems, you will see your skin is dull and bad complexion.


2.  Green Tea 

Most of Japanese drink green tea. This is one of the reason they able to maintain healthy body. They drink green tea as their daily beverage. Green tea is good for remove water retention in the body, especially you had very heavy meal in the night before. Other than this, green tea also good for anti-aging, as you can Japanese having youthful skin. The anti-sun agents in green tea can help to prevent skin aging and skin cancer. In addition,  free radical-fighting catechins, EGCG, can repair damage on skin and prevent wrinkle formation.

3.  Kombucha

Kombucha was a famous beverage since last few years due to the ingredients in it that good for skin. It is a fermented tea from black tea, fermented food is good for digestion, like Kimchi, which also good for skin. Fermented tea contains probiotics that help to enhance skin elasticity, giving you bouncing skin and prevent aging and aging. People who expose under sun loves Kombucha, because it helps to repair skin from sunburn and prevent further inflammation.


4.  Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is very common for all, it is the only tea that you can drink before sleep, or even for better sleep. Most of the tea contains caffeine that will awake you, except Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is good for relaxing and calm your mind. When in stress, stress hormone will impact on appearance, make skin looked dull and rough. Thus, to cater stress, drink Chamomile and get a good sleep, as a result, you will get balance hormone and and reduce skin tiredness.


5.   Ginger Tea

Ginger is spice and it can be tea. During winter you can keep body warm by drinking Ginger Tea, it helps to boost metabolism and blood circulation, and hence giving you good complexion. The anti-inflammatory ingredient in ginger tea also help to enhance skin performance, reduce skin problems that causing by cold body and weather. You will find your skin more hydrating and glowing after drinking ginter tea regularly.