Recently, the very eye-catching lip gloss Dior addiction paint light lip gloss is definitely on the must-have list!
I am very happy to show you guys large-scale event held by the brand.
It was a gorgeous party venue held by Dior team. If you don’t have the opportunity to be present, you can absolutely enjoy these beautiful photos.

Whether you have been affected by advertisement to be eager trying out OR you’re just want to find your favorite lip gloss, OR you’re just curious what it is…
hereby I will help everyone to review ALL the color of Dior Addict Lipgloss, also with the color I would recommend to you girls!  So that you can find the most suitable lip color your own~
Let’s first look at the appearance of the addiction lacquer lip gloss that put into a lipstick look-like design, in fact, it is little idea on the packaging to infuse the color in the transparent bottle with the Dior Logo stencil The color of the Dior type is not difficult to see. The whole series has a total of 16 colors including lacquer, neon and glare.