Makeup Wedding Tutorial For Garden Wedding

Garden wedding has been quite norm these years, especially for the younger generation. Family and friends witness the wedding ceremony at outdoor environment instead of indoor. As the bride will be all the time at outdoor, it will be mostly held on the day time, plus the lighting are so different compared to indoor, thus wedding makeup must be natural, so that it does not show awkward under the sunlight.

Which Makeup for Garden Wedding Makeup ?

Garden wedding can be held in different themes, such as floral, vintage, rustic, and so on…

Although all these themes are different, the wedding makeup still depends on the wedding dress you will be wearing on the actual day. To have a beauty face on your big day, choose the right makeup is very important. Here are some beauty tips and hacks for choosing your wedding makeup.

Firstly, always refer the style you wanted, natural, gorgeous, glamorous or other ? After that, you can go for the wedding gown to fit the theme of your wedding. Now you are able to tell the style and theme, so it is very easy to lock down the makeup for the big day. You can have either Sunkissed Makeup, Natural Makeup, Rosy Makeup, etc…

After you decide the makeup, you can also discuss with your makeup artist, whether it suits your skin type and skin tone, and trial makeup if it is needed. Besides, you also can get a hairstyle recommendation from the professional.

Tips Beauty for Wedding Makeup

Natural makeup always classic for the brides, the glass skin makeup like most of the Korean ladies wearing are coming into the trends these years.

To have perfect look on the big day, your skinĀ  must also in a tip top condition. This allows you to have glowy skin look and also long lasting makeup. So tips of having great skin is having a good lifestyle, drink plenty of water, sleep enough hours, and having a good mood!

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