Beauty Tips: Simple 3 Steps to Create Plump and Big Lips

Wish to get plumb and sexy lips without injection ? This post is going to show you 3 simple steps on creating sexy plump lips. With this lips you can match with any makeup to create different look.

First of all, exfoliate your lips, remove the dead skin on the lips so that the lips product can stay longer on the lips. You can use lips scrub and rubs softly on lips and wipe away. You immediately feel your lips is soft and juicy after exfoliating.

After that get a lip liner that is near to your lips shade. This is to draw a bigger outline over the lips. Start from center of the lips, slowly connect the line from center to both edges of lips to get ducky shape of upper lips. InĀ  the middle of the cupid bow, draw slightly higher than your lips line. Avoid drawing over high, this will look ridiculous. Same goes for the lower lips, draw from edge of lower lips to center with over-line of the bottom lips. The lip proportion is the bottom will looks thicker than the upper lips.

Last, you can put on lip gloss to create the bouncy, plump lips. You can also fill up with the lip color before lip gloss. Then you are done with this plump and sexy lips!


This is how easy to create fake lip filler, without injection you can also have bigger lips. The products of this tutorial:

LA Girl Lip Liner (Natural):


Lancome Matte Shaker Lip Stain (Sea Sand & Sun):


Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub (Cherry Soda):


Recommendation: do not use red or darker shade lip color for bigger lips, suggest to use nude or pink color. The lips will look more natural and bouncy with lighter shade.

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