Easy Daily Eye Makeup Tutorial

Does daily eye makeup sounds boring to you? Just like you need to brush teeth everyday, it sounds usual but is essential to your life. Especially to kick start your day! Daily makeup shouldn’t be too over like smokey eye, it should look natural yet bring up the whole image.

What Color for Daily Eye Makeup ?

Natural eye makeup never goes out of style, bare and nude tone of eye shadow are the main point of natural eye makeup. It will always match with the overall look, create deeper look of the eyes.

There are some colors are recommended for creating nude and bare eye makeup, such as caramel, beige, mocha, or lighter nude color like peach. These colors also separated into cool tone and warm tone. To look natural on your skin and increase the complexion, you must match the right eye shadow color tone to your skin tone. Of course not only eye shadow tone, to look good in appearance, foundation, blusher, bronzer, and all makeup must match with your skin tone.



Nude color eye shadow palete is very useful in your daily makeup, other than create natural eye look, you can create many more different eye makeup with nude palette too!  Below shows you come eye palette that are recommended by most youtubers and bloggers:

Huda Beauty – The New Nude Palette


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals


Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes


35 Colors Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Warm Natural)

Everyday Eye Makeup Ideas

To create everyday natural eye makeup, the steps are very easy and quick. The application method can be via brushes or fingers.

Most important is the area of applying, it should not over the area of eye lids too much, just above the eye lids and blend out evenly to look natural.

The deeper eye shadow should apply at bottom of eye lid and inner corner of eye and spread out with gradient. Sounds easy right ?

You can add shimmer eye shadow on the middle to increase the clarity of eye too!

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Eye Makeup for Beginners

Eye makeup required many steps to achieve a complete look. From eye primer to eye shadow to eye liner and lashes… etc, you probably needs more than 30 minutes for eye makeup itself only. When comes to daily makeup, and especially in rush, we do not have much luxury of time to do a complete eye makeup, what we do is just put on foundation and a lipstick. Yet, when some important occasion you need to look good but you have not much time for preparation, you should definitely learn from this tutorial on how to complete eye makeup in just 5 minutes!

5 Minutes Eye Makeup

This eye makeup is super easy and quick,  although the makeup steps reduced, but the outcome still stunning! You will be surprise by how good it is, because the eye shadow tones are match and it also suitable for most of your makeup.

For the first timer, you will need more time to complete this look, keep practicing and you can done even less than 5 minutes. This peachy shimmer eye makeup are so suitable for the summer. It is so pigmented and easy to blend out. Use the brush to blend out evenly from inner corner to all of the eyelid, then use your finger to tab on the shimmer color on the middle. Next just put on mascara and eyeliner, then you are good to go! super quick right ?

Hacks & Tips for Beginner

If you are very newbie to makeup, you probably need these hacks in your makeup routine.

Use the products that are reliable, which decrease the chance of failing. Choose the right color tone, so it won’t look weird on you. Also remember to put eye concealer if you have pigmented issue on your eye areas, this will help you on your later application. Last but not least, practice and practice to make it perfect !

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