Since it’s fall then a fall makeup look like a dark burgundy look is necessary to have! It is time to re-use your burgundy makeup stuffs that are hiding deep in your makeup drawer since last fall.

What is Burgundy Look ?

Burgundy is the colour that describe dark red or purple, or redish-purple that towards brown. Sometimes it can be similar to maroon, cordovan, and oxblood (all these are darker red shades), but it can be differs from each of these in subtle ways, you can refer to the colour shades for more details. The colour name is actually derives from the name of wine.

Burgundy Makeup Occasion

Burgundy makeup is suitable for most of the occasions, it can be daily makeup, party makeup which you add on glitters eye shadows on top, or it can be dinner glamorous look ! M

Most of the ladies would do Burgundy makeup look during the Fall season, this is mainly because of the ‘vampy’ look and the cool undertone of Burgundy is towards feeling of Fall season.

However, this makeup look doesn’t restricted from any other seasons, you can always put Burgundy makeup look anytime as you like!

Is Burgundy Makeup Suitable for Dark Skin Tone ?


As vampy look is good on pale skin, but for Burgundy look, it can be good on darker skin tone too.

You just need to put on darker shades of Burgundy. The reddish-purple with cool undertone is so match with darker skin toned people. You are so ready to the party during Fall Season!