To look fashion can be tricky, here are the tips for all girls!

Know your long and short

To have a good looking outfit understand your body shape first. In addition, you also need to know your body proportions, which part has more ratio and which part has less.

There are 6 main body shape type:

  • Triagle Shape : suitable wearing clothes has larger upper part
  • Inverted Triangle Shape: less upper part design clothes
  • Rectangular Shape: wear dress that has smaller waist design
  • Hourglass Shape: any clothes fit
  • Diamond shape: Dress with A shape
  • Rounded shape: Simple designed and casual fashion styled clothes














(picture source: picture taken from internet)


Color Matching Theory

Mix and match with colors is the world fashion trend, it is the best but hardest part. Doing it right can make your look trending fashion, but doing wrongly can be worst. The fashion tips in mix and match color outfit is do not have more than 3 colors on the overall look. Second is use the same range of colors in matching your outfit. However, black, white and grey can be excluded in counting.

Accessories is your Weapon

Your outfit might be casual look fashion, but to look special and trendy, add on with accessories like necklaces, bangles, or scarf. When you wear denim, you can always add a scarf to look classy, this is the best old fashion in the street.