Sensitive Skin Skincare Routine For Skin Repairing

Sensitive skin need to be taken well to avoid worsen the fragile skin. Sensitive need special facial skincare routine and skincare treatment, by using the right way, strength of skin and skin barrier can be improved.

1. Remove your make-up the gentle way

Sensitive skin need to remove makeup with very gentle makeup removal products. Choose skincare products that are dermatological approved. Use cotton pad fully soak with makeup removal, gently remove and do not rub hardly on skin. If the pressure on skin is high, sensitive skin will turns red and peeling will happens. Recommend to use watery makeup removal but not oily type. Oil type makeup removal might have ingredients that clog pores. Also, make sure makeup removal do not contains fragrance and alcohol.

2. Cleanse your with bubble

Cleansing face procedure is rushing, but please make it slow and details. This is very important in sensitive skin care routine. Thus, take time to make bubble out from your cleanser, bubbles can help to clean pore without need to rub on face. Just gently slide through on skin, the bubbles can bring away impurities in pores without hurt the skin further. Choose cleanser that are gel type instead of cream or other type that will make your skin dry. Sensitive skin care product need to be hydrating and having calming ingredients.

3. Lower Skin Temperature and Reduce Redness

Sensitive skin mostly will have higher temperature on skin, and thus making the face looked red. Sensitive skin irritates or itchy is causing by the harmful or artificial ingredients. Use natural skin care product, or homemade skincare that will boost skin barrier. Also pick skincare that are anti-inflammation, avoid product that can help blood circulation, it will make sensitive skin worst.

4. Hydrate Skin and Lock Moisture

Sensitive skin need protecting against environmental factors like pollution. Choose skincare natural that’s non-comedogenic which do not causing pores clogged. Apply with cotton pad and mask so that bacteria on hand not transferring to face. The best moisturizers for sensitive skin will lock moisture, so make sure the skin care product help to lock moisture, else skin will dry up very fast. Create homemade moisturizing mask to boost hydration.



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Makeup For Purple Eye

Idea makeup for Purple Eye

Purple eye makeup is for special occasions, this is the best makeup for eye catching!

The glitters in center make your eye pop up and more vibrant.

If you are worrying the purple are over doing in your eye,  apply purple color eyeshadow on lower eye. You can use purple makeup liners and draw from inner corner to outer eye corner.

and if you are going to party you need to SHINE as much as you can, just make it a purple-ish eye makeup! Use the best purple eye shadow makeup palette you have mix and match the same shades and tones.

pink shade in makeup palette can be used as base color, add on purple and top up with glitter. This purple makeup palette is so beautiful, you can make burgundy eye makeup, purple eye makeup, wine eye makeup and so on.

people who like special makeup can also draw the purple eye shadow on the lips. The makeup tip for whole face purple makeup is using the same makeup palette, so the shades is in same range. Another tips for makeup is blending out well, so the color is looking nice on eye!


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Drink This 6 Tea To Get Healthy Skin

Either you are a Coffee person or a Tea person. If you are people drink Tea daily you might already get the benefits from drinking tea. If you are not, probably you need to try out these tea that can helps to radiant your skin and boost your immune system!

Tea consists of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory elements that are good to promote skin healthy. There are many types of tea leaf, you can mix and match the different tea type and get different effect from it.

1.  Dandelions Tea

Some people use dandelions to make the salads, it contains a lot of nutrients that helps to enhance digestive system. If your skin problem is causing by weak digestion, then by solving the digestive system your skin eventually get better. The detoxify element in Dandelions tea can helps to boost liver system, liver is the organ for overall body detoxify, thus healthy liver healthy skin. If you have liver problems, you will see your skin is dull and bad complexion.


2.  Green Tea 

Most of Japanese drink green tea. This is one of the reason they able to maintain healthy body. They drink green tea as their daily beverage. Green tea is good for remove water retention in the body, especially you had very heavy meal in the night before. Other than this, green tea also good for anti-aging, as you can Japanese having youthful skin. The anti-sun agents in green tea can help to prevent skin aging and skin cancer. In addition,  free radical-fighting catechins, EGCG, can repair damage on skin and prevent wrinkle formation.

3.  Kombucha

Kombucha was a famous beverage since last few years due to the ingredients in it that good for skin. It is a fermented tea from black tea, fermented food is good for digestion, like Kimchi, which also good for skin. Fermented tea contains probiotics that help to enhance skin elasticity, giving you bouncing skin and prevent aging and aging. People who expose under sun loves Kombucha, because it helps to repair skin from sunburn and prevent further inflammation.


4.  Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is very common for all, it is the only tea that you can drink before sleep, or even for better sleep. Most of the tea contains caffeine that will awake you, except Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is good for relaxing and calm your mind. When in stress, stress hormone will impact on appearance, make skin looked dull and rough. Thus, to cater stress, drink Chamomile and get a good sleep, as a result, you will get balance hormone and and reduce skin tiredness.


5.   Ginger Tea

Ginger is spice and it can be tea. During winter you can keep body warm by drinking Ginger Tea, it helps to boost metabolism and blood circulation, and hence giving you good complexion. The anti-inflammatory ingredient in ginger tea also help to enhance skin performance, reduce skin problems that causing by cold body and weather. You will find your skin more hydrating and glowing after drinking ginter tea regularly.



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Things to Know To Get Lip Injection

Fuller and plumper lips becoming one of the beauty benchmark nowadays. There are many methods to get a plumper lips, like using lip gloss, over lip makeup, lip filler injection, Lips Suction device and so on. More and more people are getting lip injection for bigger lips. This is because lips injection is common, affordable and convenient, but there are things need to be considered before getting lips injection.

Type of Lip Injection

There are permanent, semi-permanent and temporary lip injection. Some might be thought that permanent is more worth, as they do not need to do any maintenance afterwards. But, if the result of lip injection is not as expected, extraction need to be done to fix it, and it might cost higher price and hurt the lips. Thus, temporary will be the option to go.

Ingredient For Lip Filler

Most of the temporary lip filler is using hyaluronic acid (HA). The reason of preferred using HA is because it can create more natural lips. Some will use HA for chin, jaw, cheeks injection.  HA is actually a sugar derivative that is similar component in our body, it can hold 1000 times water in body, thus it is hydrating your lips to make it looked plumper, and it dissolve in body over time.

Temporary Type Lip Injection Time Frame

So how long the temporary lip filler gonna last ? Welp, it depends on how your body reacts to the filler. As it is an “alive” ingredients, which body is reactive to it, if you having higher metabolism then probably will dissolve the filler faster, and thus shorter time frame. However, you can expect that it will at least last at least 6 months, and longer might last up to 3 years. Some top up the filler after few months with lesser amount to refill the lips, and to make it last longer.

Price Of Lips Injection

This concerns most of us, we want to look great but do not want to break our bank at the same time. The cost range of lip injection is $500 – $2000. The range gap is huge because of different type of filler used, different consultation charge, the place of getting injection, and so on. Most important is choosing the clinic that are safe, do not risk yourself for cheaper price.

The Risks Of Getting Lip Injection

Lip injection procedure is pretty quick, it only takes around 20-30 minutes to be completed. Although it seems quick and simple, but every injection carry risks like infection, rejection, distortion and so on. The more dangerous is vascular occlusion which is blood vessel blockage and can cause tissues death, although this kind of situation happens rarely.



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Makeup Organize Tips and Ideas

Makeup stuffs consist of variety types, variety shapes and more variety are still launching in the market to attract consumer buying. The variety can be good in buying but not in organizing.

Organize different types of makeup items is a disaster, grouping up all different types of makeup stuffs is challenging due to the sizes and shapes. Other than grouping, the thing need to put into consideration is how frequent you need the items, if you keep in a place hard to reach, then you might need to keep re-organizing. This post will gives you the tips and ideas on how to organize your makeup stuff more efficient and suitable to your own usage.

Wall Mounted Hanger Makeup Organizer

Mount hanger on wall can helps to save the makeup table space. Items can be separated into buckets based on the size. Small eye shadow can put on smaller bucket

while the larger size makeup items can put in bigger buckets. All buckets can stick a tag what makeup stuff inside the bucket.

Serving Tray Makeup Organizer

This makeup organizer can turning 360 degree, you can find makeup items easier and faster. Makeup items can be separated into different layers, for example eye makeup products on the top, face makeup products on the middle layer and so on.


The Transparent Makeup Organizer

See through makeup organizer is a great invention. Often we need to turn everything upside down to find one small lipstick. This is not practical for makeup enthusiastic who having hundreds of lipstick. Keep everything in transparency makeup organizer and makeup drawer is life savior. Everything is like a menu to go through before you “order” something. It is so convenient and you really need one!



Magnet Board Makeup Organizer

There is a way to create own palette by combining single color eye shadows and blusher into one palette by using magnet to stick them into a empty palette. This is a great way to use in organizing makeup stuff too! Simply stick magnet on your foundations, eye shadows, blusher, and etc, then get a board or rack that is iron material. Then you are free to move and organize your makeup items any places.



IKEA Holes Board Makeup Organizer

Most of people already having this holes board mounted on all for different purpose. You can actually use it for organizing makeup product. The bucket and container comes in different size, some is transparent which is good to organize.



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9 Summer Makeup Ideas

Summer Glow Makeup

Summer is all about sun-kissed look! You can create many different kinds of glowing makeup, like peachy glowing, sunset glowing makeup… etc

Tips are use highlighter that can reflect light, also moisturize your skin well, so it wont turns dry during the summer.

source from internet

source from internet



Vintage Summer Look

If you have bored of all the summer look, you really need to try out the different summer look, Vintage Summer look!

It is so classic and gorgeous, surely can get plenty of Instagramable photos!

source from internet


Vibrant Tropical Summer Look

This makeup is suitable for holiday during summer! Match your outfit with brighter and vibrant color, having tropical theme accessories and having a neon shade lip color will definitely up to point.

source from internet


Nude Summer Makeup

Nude makeup does not means you need to look pale. How to look glam with nude makeup ?

It’s actually easier than you think, apply warm tone foundation, brow needs to be thicker and darker in shade so it will help to make the overall look complete.

source from internet


Juicy Berries Summer Makeup

Juicy lips is the main key for the Juicy Berries Makeup, moisture you lips, and apply berry shade lip gloss. For eye makeup, can either simple nude makeup or black eye makeup if you are attending party.

source from internet


source from internet

Bold Red Lips Makeup

Red lip makeup is for ALL seasons! So, why not in summer?


Glittering Summer Look

Glittering look just like fairy tales, you can wear it during summer, use summer color of glittering instead!


Dark Spot Makeup

This look is just like French Girl look! It is so suitable with red lips too!


Yellow Makeup Look

What color for summer ? Yellow it is. This look might not for common days, but you can wear it as you like.

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Makeup Transformation

Makeup can totally change one’s look. If you wish to look like Hollywood star, learn this few tips and trick!

*image from internet

First prep your skin, make sure the makeup do not crack up due to dehydration.  Apply moisturizer and primer that could lock moisture on your skin.

Moisturizer- La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche






*click image to see more


Primer- Covergirl TruBlend Primer Pore Minimizing






*click image to see more







*image from internet

Apply them on dry area like cheeks and jaw area, avoid T-zone if you have oily skin.

Next choose foundation that suit to your skin color and skin type. You will need to try and experiment few types of foundation until you found one that suitable you.









The foundation used is L’Oréal Paris Nude Cushion Foundation

*click image to see more

This foundation works well on skin and gives glow skin while provide good coverage.

Make sure you know how to pick a right shade for yourself, warm toned or cool toned.

After foundation, apply concealer on the area that has blemishes or spot.










The concealer need to be hydrates enough in order to stay longer and looks natural on skin. Blend out the concealer evenly.


*click image to see more

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

For brow, the product used is Benefit Gimme Brow in 2 and 3

Just sketch on the empty space and the shape you wish to create













After that use eye shadow for the eyelook













Use the orange tone shade as base apply on your eye lid.












Then use darker brown shade in cool tone apply on outer corner, 1/3 or the area of outer corner, and blends it well

Use the silver glitter shade and apply on middle of eyelid















Use black colour to draw eyeliner










Then apply coral shade blush OFRA Blush in Bellini



apply mascara and lips


Also set your makeup with setting spray!

The makeup is complete!



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Do This At HOME to Clear Out Your Acne Naturally and Effectively

Having beautiful skin by using natural ingredients and products is so easy. It is important to know the effects of each ingredients. To achieve clear skin or get rid of acne, using natural ingredient can help you get clear skin long term instead of short terms. The natural product that contain certain ingredient that can help your skin detox.

Now with the motion control, you can stop makeup and start take care your skin at home with all natural ingredients! Here are the 5 things you can do at home for beautify your skin! Get Clear skin, get rid of acne and acne scar.


Rosemary Detox Steaming Facial

Steaming facial can purify your skin by opens up your pores and soften  sebum on the skin to prevent further pore clogging. This home steaming facial does not required any salon-like steaming machine, you just need to use hot boiling water to do this home beauty remedy.

For detoxifying face, Rosemary has the good ingredients in it to help oily skin detox. You can add sea salt into the steam water for better detox result. Prepare one bowl of hot water, 1 tsp of sea salt, 1 tsp of rosemary, and you can also add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil if you have.

Stir them well, and put your face towards the bowl and let the steam evaporates on your skin. After this cleanse your skin and apply mask to soothe the skin.

Brightening Potato Lemon Mask

To lighten acne scar, Potato and lemon have the natural ingredients that help to lighten hyper-pigmentation, fight dull skin, and reduce scare appearance.

First, prepare 2 tsp of grated potato.


add 1 tsp of lemon juice. If you are sensitive to lemon juice, please skip, but lemon really good for skin whitening.


Mix them up, and warm it. Just more than lukewarm will do, this is very effective to help your skin absorb the ingredients without any chemical catalyst.


Apply the mixture on your face for 15 minutes. If you find it singling, you can choose put it for 5-10 minutes.


Wash off and put your daily skin care routine.


The Solution for ALL Mask

I love doing this mask, because it is so simple and easy to do. My face appeared much amazing afterwards! This mask helps everything like brighten up skin, remove skin sebum, reduce puffiness, better complexion, reduce pore size, and smell so good too!

What you need is Oatmeal, Used or fresh coffee, Cinnamon, and Honey.

First prepare 2 tsp of Oatmeal

Grind it until become powdery texture.


Add on tsp of coffee, it can be used or fresh. Coffee is good for reduce puffiness.

add dash of Cinnamon, which is for blood circulation.


Lastly add 2 tsp of Honey.


Mash all ingredient until it become a sticky mixture.

Leave on your face for 30 minutes, and wash with warm water.


Stimulating Nutmeg Mask

A lot of people will have dry skin at this point, you can hydrate your skin at home with natural ingredient too. Nutmeg is good for blood circulation, reducing acne and scar. Main ingredients is Nutmeg and Honey. Add 1 tsp of Honey and half tsp of Nutmeg.

Warm them and mix well.

Apply on face and leave for 15-20 minutes.

This mask is good and safe when you are having acne. It can helps to reduce the size of acne and prevent scar.



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Makeup Tutorial and Tips When Wearing Mask

Recently the Corona Virus mess has been affecting all of us. Wear mask to protect yourself is important.

When wearing mask every lady might have concern on their makeup will carry away by the mask especially blusher and lips color

Fix Makeup With Spray Or Powder

After complete your makeup, spray the whole face with makeup fixing spray and wait it for dry. The makeup fixing ingredient will act as a extra protection layer to avoid makeup to fall off easily.

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5 MINUTE Daily Soft Eye Makeup Work Or School

Soft eye makeup is suitable for all peoples. This eyelook is very easy, using only 3 eye shadows. This look can be completed in 5 minutes.

Before applying any eye shadow, used eye primer as base on the eye for longer lasting of eye look for the day. The eye primer using is MAC Soft Ocher Paint pot. click image to see more

*click image to see more

The eye shadow used in this tutorial is Nars Cosmetics Afterglow Eyeshadow Palette.

click image to see more

This eye shadow contains all soft colors. First use the pink color from the palette, and start blending from outer eye to inner eye corner. This eye makeup is soft peachy color look. After blending this shades on eyelid, bring a little to lower lash line or you can use tinier brush to apply under lashes.

Next shade use the peachy golden shade from the eye shadow palette and apply on middle on eye lid. This color is so beautiful, it contains shimmery and when you blink your eye, the shimmer make your eye so vibrant. Just use the finger apply all over the eyelid, or you can use flat brush to apply, to make more intense look, you can add water into flat brush and apply, but for this look, I am going for softer eye look, so I am just using finger to apply over the eye lid.

After that use the flat brush from sigma, take the dark brown matte color, apply little bit on eye lash line, this step is optional, to make eye look bigger. If you wish to keep it basic, just skip this step.

Final step, use Zoeva Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Karnat which is very beautiful natural color pencil, draw on under eye lash line. Then for mascara I am going to use Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. click image to see more

This mascara giving longer effect, I just apply thin coat on upper lash, because I want to have a softer eye look. I also apply this mascara on lower lashes, I really like the extension effect from this mascara. Then I use Barry M Dubai Doll Lashes and tweezer to hold and glue on the eyelid. If you dislike fake lashes, you can also skip this. If you like more dramatic look, fake lashes is always on point.

(Video from Youtube)

The eye look is done! It is super easy with minimum products and tools needed.



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