Summer Glow Makeup

Summer is all about sun-kissed look! You can create many different kinds of glowing makeup, like peachy glowing, sunset glowing makeup… etc

Tips are use highlighter that can reflect light, also moisturize your skin well, so it wont turns dry during the summer.

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Vintage Summer Look

If you have bored of all the summer look, you really need to try out the different summer look, Vintage Summer look!

It is so classic and gorgeous, surely can get plenty of Instagramable photos!

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Vibrant Tropical Summer Look

This makeup is suitable for holiday during summer! Match your outfit with brighter and vibrant color, having tropical theme accessories and having a neon shade lip color will definitely up to point.

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Nude Summer Makeup

Nude makeup does not means you need to look pale. How to look glam with nude makeup ?

It’s actually easier than you think, apply warm tone foundation, brow needs to be thicker and darker in shade so it will help to make the overall look complete.

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Juicy Berries Summer Makeup

Juicy lips is the main key for the Juicy Berries Makeup, moisture you lips, and apply berry shade lip gloss. For eye makeup, can either simple nude makeup or black eye makeup if you are attending party.

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Bold Red Lips Makeup

Red lip makeup is for ALL seasons! So, why not in summer?


Glittering Summer Look

Glittering look just like fairy tales, you can wear it during summer, use summer color of glittering instead!


Dark Spot Makeup

This look is just like French Girl look! It is so suitable with red lips too!


Yellow Makeup Look

What color for summer ? Yellow it is. This look might not for common days, but you can wear it as you like.