Soft eye makeup is suitable for all peoples. This eyelook is very easy, using only 3 eye shadows. This look can be completed in 5 minutes.

Before applying any eye shadow, used eye primer as base on the eye for longer lasting of eye look for the day. The eye primer using is MAC Soft Ocher Paint pot. click image to see more

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The eye shadow used in this tutorial is Nars Cosmetics Afterglow Eyeshadow Palette.

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This eye shadow contains all soft colors. First use the pink color from the palette, and start blending from outer eye to inner eye corner. This eye makeup is soft peachy color look. After blending this shades on eyelid, bring a little to lower lash line or you can use tinier brush to apply under lashes.

Next shade use the peachy golden shade from the eye shadow palette and apply on middle on eye lid. This color is so beautiful, it contains shimmery and when you blink your eye, the shimmer make your eye so vibrant. Just use the finger apply all over the eyelid, or you can use flat brush to apply, to make more intense look, you can add water into flat brush and apply, but for this look, I am going for softer eye look, so I am just using finger to apply over the eye lid.

After that use the flat brush from sigma, take the dark brown matte color, apply little bit on eye lash line, this step is optional, to make eye look bigger. If you wish to keep it basic, just skip this step.

Final step, use Zoeva Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Karnat which is very beautiful natural color pencil, draw on under eye lash line. Then for mascara I am going to use Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. click image to see more

This mascara giving longer effect, I just apply thin coat on upper lash, because I want to have a softer eye look. I also apply this mascara on lower lashes, I really like the extension effect from this mascara. Then I use Barry M Dubai Doll Lashes and tweezer to hold and glue on the eyelid. If you dislike fake lashes, you can also skip this. If you like more dramatic look, fake lashes is always on point.

(Video from Youtube)

The eye look is done! It is super easy with minimum products and tools needed.